How do I defeat the pigs?

The objective in a battle is to knock out the pigs. You can deal damage to the pigs by hitting them with your birds, once a pig’s health points drop to zero it will be knocked out of the battle. Aim your shots by tapping and holding a bird and pulling back, then release to shoot the bird. You can control the speed of the shot by how far back you pull before releasing. Try to hit pigs in the back, as that gives you bonus damage!

Each bird and pig has a counter above the character. When a pig’s counter reaches zero it will attack. When a bird’s counter reaches zero, it will perform a Skill Shot as its next attack. Birds’ skills depend on the bird’s colour:

  • Red birds usually knock the target pig into other pigs dealing damage
  • Yellow birds can pierce through opponents
  • Blue birds split into multiple birds on first impact
  • Black birds detonate dealing damage to an area
  • White bird attack in a straight line dealing damage in that area

Besides their attack, some pigs also have a passive ability. You can find out each bird’s and pigs statistics and abilities by tapping them.

The battle ends when the last pig is knocked out or your health runs out.

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