What is the new Spark Run feature all about?

What is it? 

The Spark Run is a new game mode in AB Transformers where players can test their skills on an extra hard run to earn valuable Spark. 

How do I play? 

To play the Spark Run, you need to tap the grey tower on the right-hand side of Piggy Island. Please note that you must be had reached at least Rank 20 with the first 5 Characters unlocked to compete.

To join in on the fun of gathering some Spark, select three characters you wish to run with. You can use each of these characters in the run. Once the first character is out of health, your second character will take over, and so on.  

How much Spark do I get? 

The amount of Spark you get depends on your score and the difficulty level you have managed to unlock for Spark Run. The higher the difficulty, the more spark is out there. 

How do I get Spark?

Getting the required score will award you with Spark. You will gather spark up to the maximum available for that difficulty, until you unlock the next difficulty level.

How to I change difficulty?

You can change the difficulty by using the selection arrows on the Spark Run start screen. For your first run, only Difficulty 1 will be available. Getting to the end of the run (5 different zones, not including the caves transition) will unlock the next difficulty - and ultimately a chance to win more spark! 

Hey! I didn't get any pigs or coins! 

That's correct, the Spark run doesn't award any pigs or coins at the end of the run – only spark is awarded. If you are out of pigs or coins, play map levels and live events. 

How often can I play the Spark Run? 

The Spark Run is available to play for free once per day. You can play a second run by paying 100 gems. After this you will need to wait until the timer resets at Midnight (00:00:00) UTC each day. 

How do I boost my score? 

Upgrading your characters and equipping the right accessories will help you do more damage and survive longer. Running with 'Promoted' characters in your team will boost your final total score - just like in live events. 

Occasionally a character will have a green 'glow' behind their image in the character selection screen. This means that character is 'boosted' for that day and will deal bonus damage during the Spark Run.

What is even more exciting, is that you can now get yourself a permanent fourth slot that allows to take an extra character on the run and use their promotion bonus to increase your score. This improves your chances of surviving to the end. 

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