Is your game crashing at launch?

If your game is crashing right away at the Rovio/Outplay splash screen, please note that we are onto this problem and are currently investigating the reasons behind the crashing. We have just recently provided a solution for a certain type of crash at launch, and you might thus benefit from updating your game to version 3.3.2. If the crashing persists, we are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience and hope you can hang in there until we deliver a solution.

If you are absolutely certain you have been playing AB Pop connected to your Facebook account before the crashing started, you could try reinstalling the game to resolve the issue. Please note that Pop saves progress only in connection to Facebook accounts and you will likely lose all progress irretrievably, if you reinstall the game without having been connected to a FB account. To proceed with reinstalling, please delete your current game app, reboot your device, download the game again from your app store and log back in with your FB account to access your personal progress level.

If reinstalling is not an option, please remain patient and wait for the upcoming game updates to cure the crashing. Our game development is hard at work fixing the bug and would welcome any crash logs you might have with the current game version crashing.

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