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Glass blocks your way, but you can get rid of this one with just a single hit of a bubble.


Wood blocks your way a bit harder, but you can clear it by hitting it two times with bubbles!


Stone blocks your way harder than the others, and you can only get rid of it with powerful boosts such as Fireball.


Once you hit a Blitzfruit, it will destroy all the objects on the same horizontal line. It is especially helpful to drop a lot of bubbles!


The Cloudy Bubble obstructs the color of the bubbles. Make a match next to it to reveal the hidden bubble!


When hit; the Splash Fruit will recolor all the bubbles close by to a single color. It helps you to make big matches and clear the level faster.


When hit; the Bomb Fruit explodes and destroys nearby bubbles and obstacles. Chain reactions are extremely useful. 


Honeycomb hides the bubbles behind it. You should attempt to make matches next to it in order to break it and reveal the bubble beneath. Breaking this one requires two matches.


When you hit the Lava Bubble, it spreads and creates Ash Bubbles to slow you down. It is recommended that you avoid these so that you don't get burned.


Ash Bubbles form when a Lava Bubble gets hit. You can get rid of these with two bubble hits.



When hit, this -3 Bubble blocker steals 3 bubbles from your bubble inventory! These ones are really sneaky, so try to avoid whenever possible.


When hit, the +3 Bubble grants 3 extra bubbles to your inventory. Try to collect as much as you can so you don't run out of bubbles!


When hit; this Boomshroom blocker spreads Spores that block your way. Try to avoid whenever possible.


Spores are created when Boomshrooms get hit. They block your way, but you can clear them by hitting them with a bubble.


When hit; the Pop Fruit clears all the bubbles of a single color from your screen. Super helpful!


This Power Flower charges everytime you make a move and eventually spits out helpful things on the screen. It's quite nice, despite its teeth!


Sandstorms disguise bubbles underneath them. If you make a match next to them, they will move away. Make multiple matches next to them to make them vanish.


Spikes try to stop and pop your bubbles. It's better to avoid them and drop them as soon as possible!


This Splash Flower charges everytime you make a move and eventually spits out Splash Fruits. Very nice to have around!


The Drums bounce bubbles to a new direction. It helps you make those tricky shots and extend the reach of your shots. 


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