Overpower is here. What now?

What is it?

The Overpower feature is a new way to increase the level of your characters in AB Transformers. It increases the stats of any character you have been able to upgrade to level 15. This means an increase in all stats for that character.

How and where do I get it?

To access Overpower, you need to have a character that is level 15 or higher. This new feature is currently only available in the token exchange of live events and in Gold crates (when you open a crate and get a character you already own, it instantly upgrades or even Overpowers them an extra level). The characters that are available to Overpower change from event to event - so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Why is it useful?

Why should you overpower? Well, basically your characters become stronger, better, faster, and thus take your game to a whole new level. The characters that have benefitted from Overpower are stronger than regular characters - and can survive longer in Spark Run - so you can earn even more Spark! They are especially great for dominating the leaderboards in live events as well!

Why do some characters show different percentages on Overpower?

For some time, some characters in AB Transformers have been weaker, or too easily killed for experienced players to enjoy using them. With Overpower, we aim to fix this. 

Therefore, characters which are typically considered weaker are getting a much bigger stat boost than those which are already considered very strong. While a character may be "bottom tier" at level 15 - with just a few levels of Overpower, they could become a whole new force to be reckoned with!

Can my friends use my Overpowered characters?

Nope! Overpowered characters are only for you. They’re just too powerful to be let out on their own!

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