What are the different boosters and how do I get them?

The game has three powerful birds to help you with the levels: Red, Chuck and Bomb. You can create the birds in the levels by making matches, as well as purchase them from the pre-level screen to give you a head start for a level.

Red can be created by making a match of four. When fired, it will clear a single row or column. Chuck can be created by making a match of five in an angle. It will launch into four directions. Bomb can be created by making a match of five, and it clears three adjacent rows or columns.

You can get a head start for a level by purchasing the bird boosters with gems from the pre-level screen. You can choose from Chuck and Red, Bomb, or the whole trio. Bomb can also be purchased from the level, by dragging and dropping the picture of Bomb in the lower right corner of the screen.

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