What are Clan events?

Events are a way for Clan members to work together to get great rewards! When an event is available, it will be visible on the right side of the Clan window, with a timer showing how long is left to complete the event.


Tapping on an event icon will bring up the event screen. 


From this screen, you can see your Clan's leaderboard, which shows how many points each Clan member has earned for that event, as well as the total score your Clan has earned. The meter on the right shows the Clan’s total points, and the rewards that will be earned at the end of the challenge.

This challenge is all about earning points for the team and completing win streaks. Finishing a level awards you with one point. Each consecutive win will add points to your total, but lose and its minus points for you. As is to be expected, rewards get better the more points the clan earns. From here, all that’s left to do is tap the play button, and beat some levels!

When an event is completed, the event icon on the Clan page will say "Completed!". When you open the event, there will be a "Collect" button to claim your prizes, as well as a timer beneath it with how much time is left to claim the rewards that have been earned. If you did not participate in the event at all, you will not be able to claim any of the rewards.

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