I made an order in the game but have not received my package yet!

In-app purchases are usually delivered right away, but sometimes the order may be a bit slower to process. If your purchase seems to be stuck, before making another purchase, please close the game fully, launch it again and then tap Restore Purchases in the Settings menu.


If the package still isn't added to your game, please check your purchase history to see if the purchase went through. Sometimes purchases can be cancelled by the stores.


Viewing purchase history on iOS:

  • Open iTunes on a computer
  • Click Account in the menu bar
  • Sign-in with your Apple ID
  • Choose Account > View my Account from the menu bar
  • Scroll down to Purchase History and click See All on the right

If the purchase went through and was charged, but you didn't receive anything in the game, please send us a support ticket with your Account ID in the game, the order number for your purchase and the time and date of the purchase.

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