Report or mute a player

If you encounter any suspicious or inappropriate behavior by another player, please let us know! First, open the profile of the player you wish to report. This can be done at any time by tapping on that player's profile picture! Then, just tap the "Report" button. This brings up a blank form you can use to directly send us a message to report any abusive or offensive content, be it a Clan name, Clan description, Clan message, player name, or player chat. When making a report, please include as much detail as possible about why you are making the report, including screenshots of the inappropriate behavior. However, please use the report feature responsibly. Misusing this feature will have consequences!

You can also mute a player that is being offensive or abusive by tapping the "Mute" button in a player profile. When you mute another player, all the messages from that player will be hidden from your sight.

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