Live Events Explained

Live events is really the place to win awesome prizes including exclusive characters that can’t be found on the map! The events occur weekly, starting on Friday morning and then once the event itself is no longer open to compete in, they change to a token exchange on Thursday. The next weekly event starts again on Friday.

To enter an event simply select the window with a timer on the middle right side of your map screen. You should be greeted by either a short cartoon graphic or then taken straight to the "Events Info" screen, which sets the theme for that week's event and the duration of it. This window also shows you the target enemy, which rewards extra points on a level, when you manage to destroy it. Selecting the "Roll Out" will take you to the characters selection and also, if available, the energonicon selection screen.

Upon completing a level, you will notice in the results screen the score you received for destroying items in that level. You can get points for killing everything, but receive more points, when destroying the priority target. You can further improve your score by promoting your characters or by selecting ones from the suggested squad in the character select screen, granting you squad bonus.

After the results screen, you will be taken to the main event screen. Here you can view your progress in milestones. There are several milestones with increasing score requirements for that day's current challenge with a specific priority target. You’ll see there how your score compares to the required score, and when met the number of tokens you’ll receive.

Tokens can be exchanged for rewards that are found in the "Token Exchange". If you don’t have enough tokens, you can purchase the item you want for gems.

Every time you play a live event level it costs a battery to play. A battery takes an hour to recharge. You can however pay gems to instantly recharge them, allowing you to play more to complete the milestones and win more tokens.

"Today’s Competition" is where you can view your online leaderboard. Here you will be placed into a group to compete against fellow players for tokens by comparing scores. The prizes get better the higher you place.

Good Luck!

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