NEW Area Out. Happy 3rd B-Day!


It is our 3rd Birthday and we have released a brand new update to the app stores to celebrate!

The new version number is 1.32.4. Please allow some time for the new version to reach the appstore for your device and region.

Here are some of the changes we have made:

- NEW MAP AREA! Yes, at long last, we have added a new area to the map. THE CAVES! You can unlock this area by gathering Plasma to charge the gate bridge!
- NEW ENEMIES! Can you destroy the Boss BatPig and his minion Batpigs in the new caves area?
- NEW CHARACTERS! Matilda finally joins the flock in Angry Birds Transformers as NAUTICA. Unlock her by defeating enough Batpigs in the caves!
- NEW ACCESSORIES! Grimlock has his apron on!

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