What Are Crates?

There are two types of crates: Steel and Gold ones. The quality of the items inside these crates varies by rarity. Steel crates contain common, uncommon and rare items, and gold crates offer rare, epic and legendary items.


Gold crates can be opened either one at a time or 10 at once, at a discounted amount of gems. They may contain any of the following:

- Characters! (If you already own that character, it instantly upgrades the character owned or even adds a level of Overpower!)

- Accessories (If already owned it upgrades it)

- Gems

- Spark

- Tokens


Steel Crates can be opened either one at a time or 10 at once and contain:

 - Accessories (If already owned, it upgrades it)

- Gems

- Spark

- Tokens

- Coins

- Pigs

You can collect one free steel crate every 24 hours!


In case you end up collecting a new accessory that is better than your current one in rarity or power, it is automatically equipped. Otherwise it is just added to your collection - ready for you to equip in that character's accessory screen ,if so desired.

Keep an eye out for special seasonal content and new characters!

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