Trouble seeing ads?

We have received some reports from players on the decreased number of ads offered in the game. This impacts the number of ads offered in the game to fulfil your lives or to retry a lost level with a booster.

Our game team is looking into the problem and implementing fixes as soon as possible. Please however note that it is completely normal to not always see ads, as you might not have a strong enough connection or there might not be an ad ready to be served at all times.

If you have not been seeing ads for some time now, you can try restarting the device and using a strong Wi-Fi connection. Some Pop! players have reported that also the following actions often help with getting ads:

On iOS:

1. Go to your device "Settings"
2. Tap on "Privacy"
3. You should find "Advertising"
4. Select "Reset Advertising Identifier"

On Android:

1. Go to "Settings"
2. Select "Google"
3. Select "Ads"
4. Select "Reset advertising ID"

The exact flow of actions in your settings depends on your device, but resetting your ad id should be pretty straightforward. The advertising ID anonymously collects your information, which is further used to display advertisements and other information on your device depending upon your areas of interest. Resetting it will reset the ads displayed, which might fix your current issue.

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