Version 1.14 is out now, see what's new!

Brand New

  • Christmas Event:
    • Before he started gulping thousands of cans of Bacon energy drinks before Xmas, this bird was just a regular Santa Claus working at the Bird Village Mall. Now, he's something more monstrous...behold the Angry Santa!
    • Christmas Event is ready including 5 unique seasonal birds and Captain Freedom!
  • Orthodox Christmas Event:
    • Hailing from beyond the icy mountains of Bird Island, Grandfather Frost is like Santa, but cooler. *pun intended*...I'll go get my coat.
  • See ‘em like there’s no tomorrow:
    • Inbox full? Now you’re one click away to sell a bird aand it’s gone! Don’t panic, for 4 and 5 star birds you’ll be warned.
  • Gotta hatch ‘em all:
    • Option to use all tickets and currencies in Hatchery
  • Facebook friends are now added to friends tab
  • You can search friends with their in-game names now
  • Don’t know your friend’s real name? You can search him with their nicknames now.
  • Clans are more populated. Don’t wait months to level up your clan, start with 25 members instead of 10 and increase up to 50.
  • More news for clans. Level cap is increased from 20 to 25. There’ll be more cool stuff to come, prepare your clan for it.

Fixes and more fixes

The sneaky scoundrel piggies just wont go to hibernation and keep dropping bugs on Bird Island so we had to deal with them diligently to crash them again, here’s the highlight of many fixes included:
  • Event fixes:
    • Application freeze right before the end of an event is fixed
    • Event teaser was not correctly displaying the rewards before
  • Video ad fixes:
    • Game freezes after watching a video has been fixed
  • Other fixes:
    • Clan chat is updated with previous conversations and news now
    • Top part of the screen was disappearing in some conditions during Eagle Mountain, this does not happen anymore
    • Darlene’s avatar was wrong
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