What are Hat Events?

Hat Events are time-limited events that give an extra boost to a specific hat set for the duration of the event. For instance, the Viking hat set usually has a times 3 multiplier, but during the event it has a bonus score multiplier of 13!



Where can I get the hat set for the event?

While the event is taking place, you can get the hats only through the Tower of Fortune. Good luck and stay away from the piggies! 



What happens to the hats after the event is over?

The hat multiplier goes back to their original value and you will be able to buy them in the Hat Shop. The Tower of Fortune will go back to normal once the Hat Event is over. 

Sometimes we have special hat events where you can get exclusive hats only through the Tower of Fortune. For instance, the NFL hats aren't available now, since that event is over. 


I miss having the extra boost! 

Even though the hat events are temporary, more events will come so you'll get the chance to get the extra boost again :)


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