How do I craft new items?

The first step in crafting new items is to acquire a blueprint or a recipe for the item. Blueprints can be found in different areas depending on the item you want to craft. Blueprints for Offhand Items and weapons can be purchased from Workshops, and Recipes for potions are found in Professor Pig’s Lab. Once you have a blueprint or recipe, head to your camp by tapping the nest button in the bottom right corner of the map screen to do some crafting!

Once in your camp you will see that you have a cauldron, and an anvil that you can use to craft items. If you don’t see these in your nest, just keep playing! You have to make some progress before you receive these items. Tapping on the cauldron will bring you to the potions screen. You can see all of your available recipes under the Potions tab. Tap a potion to select it. You can then see information about that particular potion at the bottom of the screen such as what it does, and the ingredients needed to craft it. To craft the potion, tap craft button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Crafting offhand items and weapons works in much the same way. Tap the Anvil in your camp to open the crafting screen. You can see your available weapon and offhand item blueprints under their respective tabs.

If you do not have the required ingredients to craft a potion, or enough resources to craft a weapon, go out and battle! You receive resources and ingredients every time you win a battle. More stars in the battle means more resources. You can also find resources and ingredients at harvesting points scattered about the map. Additionally, you can scrap offhand items and weapons to turn them back into resources. To scrap items, go to your camp and tap on a bird. Tap their weapon or shield tab and then tap on the item you want to scrap. You can tap and hold on any item to see what resources you will receive when scrapping the item. When you’re ready, tap the recycle bin button in the bottom right of the screen to scrap the item.

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