How do I upgrade my bots?


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    Dustin Brilliant

    Game cost too much, and are not plentyful. Worked on game for almost 4 weeks to Level 84, and lost $60.00 worth of gems.- Game crashes too much, when multiple rockets, firepods hit you,or about to deal damage. Game crashed when 2 rockets hit me on a high end level w/ 8000 (yes 8000) coins, lost all of them on bonus level.... game didn't save them and went back to board; level disappeared. Issues with phone cache, lost all levels, and achievements. Google play still see's them but will not apply, due to the app-cache is on the phone, and is not cloud-connected/connectable.. hmmm.. I'd highly recommend, a free or paid version to back this application up, as it consumes lots of data. Had over 390 MB of space, and old levels simply lost!

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