Why can’t I update Bad Piggies?

You can try updating the game manually by archiving and unarchiving, or moving the app to NOOK Cloud and then back to your device, depending on which NOOK device you have.

If you are using a NOOK Color or NOOK Tablet, please follow these steps to archive and unarchive the game:

  1. Long Press on the app icon (even if it’s a grey box)
  2. Choose Archive
  3. Go to the Apps screen (from the quick nav)
  4. Tap the Archived button
  5. Tap Bad Piggies
  6. Choose Unarchive

To move the app to the NOOK Cloud, press and hold on the icon of the game in question, and choose "Move to NOOK Cloud" from the options that appear. After doing this, move the app back to your device from the NOOK Cloud. Please note that this process may cause game data such as scores and game progress to be lost.

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