Angry Birds Star Wars II does not work on my Android device. What can be done?

We have found that Angry Birds Star Wars II does not work on some Android devices. The most probable cause for a device not being able to run our games is low memory capacity and/ or graphics processing capabilities not being high enough. Unfortunately we cannot do much to fix this issue from our end. Our games are extremely demanding for devices, the graphics are complicated, and they use a lot of the device's graphics memory. 

You could try to enhance the game's functionality by:

  • having as much free space on your phone's memory as possible 
  • not multitasking (close all background applications when starting the game) 
  • updating your OS to the latest available version
  • having a WiFi connection when updating or launching the application 
  • clearing Angry Birds' cache ( Settings > Applications > Manage Applications> Angry Birds > Clear Cache) 
  • restarting the phone every now and then to release some memory
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