What abilities does each character have?

Each character has an attack, a supporting skill, and a chili attack. Tap and hold on any character during battle, in your camp, or in the pre-battle screen to see more information on their abilities. Your birds’ abilities will change depending on their class. Change the birds' hats in your camp to change classes.

Attacks are used to deal damage to enemy characters. To attack, tap a bird and drag to the enemy you want to attack. Some attacks deal damage to multiple enemies. In this case, attacking any enemy will deal the attack to all.

Supporting skills can be used to help your characters in a variety of ways, e.g. increasing attack power, increasing defence, healing. Tapping once on a bird will trigger their supporting skill to be used on that bird. You can also tap and drag to other friendly characters to target them with supporting skills.

During battle you will notice a chili meter at the bottom of the screen. This meter represents the birds’ collective rage. We all know that the birds do the most damage when they are angry! As your party deals and receives damage, the chili meter will gradually fill up. Once full, the chili can be dragged from the bottom of the screen onto a bird to unleash a powerful chili attack.

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