How do I get to my camp, and what can I do there?

Your camp is your home base as you accompany the birds on their adventure where you can find many useful features. To enter your camp, tap the nest button in the bottom right corner of the map screen.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can find in the camp:

Character Status: Tap on a character to check the characters’ equipped offhand items, weapons, and their class. You can also change characters’ classes and equipped items as well.

Anvil: You can use the Anvil to craft offhand items and weapons.

Cauldron: You can use the Cauldron to make potions.

Merchant: Here you can purchase Snoutlings, Lucky Coins, and Friendship Essence (valuables), as well as Potions, Resources (Forge) and Ingredients (Alchemy).

Totem Pole:

Top - Tap here to sign into your Rovio Account, connect to Facebook, and view Game Center achievements.

Middle - This is your inbox where you can see requests from friends.

Bottom - Tap here to see a list of your friends who are playing Angry Birds Epic. You can visit friends’ camps daily for free rolls on their Golden Pig Machines!

Golden Pig Machine: Take a roll on the Golden Pig Machine to win a random offhand item or weapon in exchange for Lucky Coins.

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