What do the different gadgets do?

Soda bottles - After a second or two of shaking the bottle, the cap pops off and the expelled soda gives some thrust.

Rockets - Work like the soda bottles, but are much more powerful.

Engines - Link up to various gadgets in the vehicle the engine is on and provides power for them; multiple engines provide more power. Green is the weakest, the red V8 the strongest.

Wings - With enough speed the vehicle will soar into the skies! Just remember to use the tail for steady flying. Increasing and decreasing speed can be used to control height (it’s the pigs and their contraptions, not the Green Baron).

Bellows - Each use of the bellows gives a bit of thrust; can be used as many times as possible.

Balloons - Provide lift and attach to any wooden or metal frames (and pigs) below them; the string can be tied over empty squares to the frames. If they touch anything, the balloons pop.

Yellow Umbrellas - Link to power sources (including the pig) and can be used to move your contraption.

Grappling Hook – Shoots out a suction cup that allows you to attach to surfaces and fling the contraption around. While building your vehicle you can adjust the Grappling Hook’s alignment by tapping on it after you’ve attached it to the vehicle.

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