How do I play Angry Birds POP!?

The aim of the game is to use the slingshot to match and pop bubbles in order to drop Piggies, clear the top of the level or free trapped Hatchlings. To pop the bubbles, you have to match three or more of them.

There are some obstacles in the levels that can make popping bubbles a bit more difficult. Some of the blockers can be broken with color bubbles like glass and wood. Some blockers are then better avoided, like spiky bubbles that burst you color bubbles.

When you begin to play, you start with 5 lives. Every time a level is failed or ended without completing it, one life will be subtracted from your total. Once you reach zero lives, you can’t play for a while. But not to worry! Your lives will recharge in time, and you can also ask for them from your friends, if you have connected the game to Facebook.

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