What are the birds’ special abilities?

Most birds have special abilities you may unlock when tapping the screen. There is a tutorial for each bird’s special ability that you can see when you add them to your flock for the first time. The effects for each bird are almost the same as in other Angry Birds games.

  • Red: Red has an extra-fierce battle cry which can help knock down towers from a short distance. 

  • Blues: Blues special ability is to split into three, plus Blues' strength is on ice buildings. 

  • Chuck: Chuck works best against wood, and gets an extra speed boost when you tap the screen.


  • Matilda: Matilda drops an egg bomb and launches herself up. 

  • Silver: Silver is particularly good destroying stone, and when tapping makes a loop. 

  • Bomb: Well, Bomb explodes when you tap the screen or on contact with something else. Be careful not to tap too early! 

  • Terence: Look at him – no special ability needed, he's big, bad, bold!  


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