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Kids love playing our games! We strive to create fun and engaging games that people of all ages can enjoy, and we’re totally jazzed that so many young kids gravitate towards our titles. Thank you parents for allowing your children to enjoy our games!

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for young children to accidentally make in-app purchases in our games while playing if your devices are not protected. For this reason, we strongly encourage parents to apply password protection to all of their devices to prevent this from happening.

Below you will find instructions on how to set a password on your device to prevent all unauthorized purchases from app stores. We hope that with these instructions you can make your devices safer for your children when playing not only Rovio titles, but all games.

On Windows Phone 8, the users have two options:

1. Set up a Wallet PIN

In the App list, tap Wallet icon.

Tap More icon, and then tap Settings+PIN.

Turn on Wallet PIN Toggle switch, enter and confirm your new PIN (it must be at least four digits), and then tap Done.

To require this PIN for purchases in the Windows Phone Store, select the Use Wallet PIN to protect music, app, and in-app purchases check box.

2. Set up Kid's Corner

On Start button, swipe over to the App list, tap Settings icon > Kid's Corner icon, and then tap Next.

To add content to Kid's Corner, tap Games, Music, Videos, or Apps, select the items you want to add, and then tap Done icon.

When you're finished adding things, tap Next.

If your phone doesn't already have a lock screen password, you'll have a chance to set one now and ensure that your child can't get to your Start screen from Kid's Corner. Tap Set password, type your password, and then tap Done.

Tap Finish to leave setup and open Kid's Corner.

By default, you can't make any Windows Phone Store purchases from Kid's Corner. However, if you set up a Wallet PIN on your phone, your child will be able to make in-app purchases (such as game points or levels) from Kid's Corner. You'll need to enter the PIN to complete each purchase.

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