It seems that the Facebook version of Angry Birds POP! is coming to an end. How can I continue playing? Will I lose my game progress?

Angry Birds Pop on Facebook is closing down on 21/12/2016, but don't worry, adventures continue on mobile!

We have decided to concentrate on developing the mobile version of AB POP!, which is why the Facebook version of the game will be discontinued. You can still continue playing the game as long as you have a supported mobile device. Changing from the Facebook version to the mobile version won't erase your hard-earned progress - just connect the mobile version to Facebook before starting to play, and it will load the progress you had on the Facebook version. You can do that by clicking the blue "connect" button on the main screen (pictured below).

To download the mobile version of the game, click here and follow the "download now" link. Then, navigate to the designated app store of your device and download the game!

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