What's new in version 1.5.3? Why did my mastery levels change?

With the update 1.5.3, we have made some considerable changes to Angry Birds Epic. Check below what exactly has been changed!

Player XP Progression

The difficulty of the entire game has been adjusted and should now match a lot better to the player strength. This means that when you play an event or a world map battle for the first time, the pigs are always on your current level. If you replay an old stage, the pigs are still on the level you were on when you played the stage for the first time. Winning a battle for the first time grants you bonus XP. The birds have become overall a bit weaker compared to 1.5.2, but so have the pigs.

Class Mastery Gain

Mastery is now capped at the player level, so it can reach level 60. Old mastery levels (1-15) are converted by multiplying the level by 4, then adding another level for every 25% of mastery progress reached. If you have a class on a higher mastery level than player level (caused by this conversion), you won't collect mastery for that class until the player level catches up. Lower level classes get a bonus on this conversion that equals 50% of the XP they need to reach the highest mastery level any class of this bird has. New mastery gives only 2% bonus per level, making it a bit weaker overall. Newly unlocked classes are set to the average level of all classes of the bird.

Friendship Essence

You can now collect a maximum of 5 friendship essences per day from friends playing with your birds. The number of available essence is visible in the messages when a friend has played with one of your birds. Together with requested friendship essence, every player can get a maximum of 10 essences per day.

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