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Be the playa of the season: Super Bowl LII is coming to Angry Birds Evolution with a blast! If you’re not into football, be a playa of love on Valentine’s day & get lost in Angromedon’s eyes. Or is that a bellybutton? Who knows.. If that also doesn’t do the trick, be a playa in Major Pecker’s Daily Challenges - new rules and rewards await you!

Brand New

  • Super Bowl LII Event:
    • Super Bowl LII event introduces not two, not three, but 32 new yellow birds. It’ll be a bird huddle out there!
    • Dream-Team: Hatch the Quarterback of your favourite Super Bowl team during the event.
    • New Hatchery Rule: When a team’s bird has been hatched once, it won’t show up again, so it’s easier to hatch the next ones.
    • All lights on you: Are you ready to compete in the new Super Bowl LII themed Arena?
    • New game icon & splash screen to complement the Super Bowl event and get you all excited!
  • The Valentine's Day the Earth Stood Still :
    • Sometimes, even Dr. Probotnik gets lonely, so he created a romance robot to meet his cosmic needs. Is Bird Island ready for the arrival of the Blue Angromedon?
  • Major Pecker’s Daily Challenge:
    • Major news: After long discussions, Major Pecker has now agreed to grant access to the Daily Challenge for all players who unlock the Red Region.
    • Now, there will be 10 waves instead of 7. That should quench your thirst for a hardcore challenge.
    • The clan-plan: Rejoice! Clans will now get new and better rewards from the challenge!
    • Big appetite for Snouts? More defeated pigs, more rewards for you with a heap of extra Snouts on wave completion. And we promise, it’s increasing wave after wave.
    • Not over yet: The gem cost for re-entering battles is reduced.
    • The second coming: Costs for reviving in battles after the first time have been reduced.
  • Event Leaderboards:
    • World-famous: Global leaderboards for you and your clan! Let your fame shine through
  • Need for speed: Auto battles start at the maximum acceleration now, so buckle up for the fifth gear
  • Hatchery now shows the drop rates of rare birds

Fixes and more fixes

The road to a picture perfect Bird Island is filled with bumps, smelly pigs and lots of nasty bugs but we keep smashing them to get there! Here’s some of what we fixed on the way:
  • Clan level will now be stable and not roll back after multiple donations
  • Underage players cannot join Clans even with an invitation
  • Background music nicely fits the quests now
  • Unresponsiveness is not tolerated around here, Major Pecker had a few words for Daily Challenges being stuck and it was super effective
  • Facebook connection will no longer intervene with your progression in the game, enough is enough!
  • Clan leaderboards now show all players instead of top 25
  • Anger Totems obtained from special offers can exceed the caps now, instead of being sent to the inbox
  • Nothing illeagle here: Now when you buy Eagle Cards from Eagle Mountain, the rewards are shown properly
  • Some battle result screens were so fast that they were invisible! They’ve been told to chill and show the goodies. It worked.
  • Clan leaderboards in the Arena now always show rankings orderly and correct
  • Avatar and frames now update regularly
  • Grandfather Frost’s clones will no longer disappear when they hit a pig! We fixed the mirroring effect
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